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Sara is a lifestyle photographer and designer living in rural Southwest Montana. A farmer & gardener herself, Sara finds a well of inspiration in telling stories about the land, the people, and their work in rural America. 

Born in Ohio and raising a family in Montana with husband Duke,  and sons Samuel & Wesley, who often make cameos :)


Calliope Flower Farm

Carol Delisi Art

Carolyn Baker Wellness

Edible Bozeman

Jackson's Garden

Katie Hall; Musician

Kindred Spirits Gift Gallery

Kokora Flower Farm

Mary Jane's Farm

Montana Bride


Rathvinden Flower Farm

Ruby Valley Boys; Musicians

Ruby Valley Hospital Foundation

Ruby Valley Rentals

Sheri Jarvis; Artist

Twin Bridges Public Library

The Shovel & Spoon Cafe

Upper Canyon Outfitters

Volt Electric

Portrait by Marany Photography
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